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Gold Rates Gulf

Do you know why the Gulf Countries are so-called? The reason behind this is Gulf countries are situated on the Persian Gulf and Gulf Countries include Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain. We are providing with updated Gold rates in Gulf every day and For people who like to know and learn about Gold can visit our website and know and learn about Gold.

Gold/ Silver prices in other cities

Gold Rates in Gulf (14 Nov 2018)

Gold rates given here are as per their Respective Currency

Country Name 22 karats 24 Karats
Gold Rates in UAE 128.58 139.00
Gold Rates in Qatar 133.23 144.00
Gold Rates in Oman 13.93 15.05
Gold Rate in Bahrain 13.46 14.60
Gold rate in Saudi Arabia 131.84 142.00
Gold rate in Kuwait 10.99 11.45
Gold rate in Dubai 136.98 148.00

Who Discovered Gold?

Gold is Being used from ages, There is no proof when and where the gold is discovered for the first time. The shining metal has very rich history all around the world.  Gold became a part of every culture around the world. Because of its brilliant natural, beauty, luster, malleability and resistance. The vale of gold is same all around the world. The price of gold changes from place to place because of other factors around. It doesn't mean that the gold lost its value.
Gold is equated with gods in Old civilizations. Gold was the commodity which represents glorification for the rulers. Gold was currency exchange before people used to trade using gold and other precious metals. Even today though the currency of the other country has value or not. Gold will have the same value all around the world.
These days gold is being used in electronic appliances as well which boosts the value of gold a little more. If we see in spaceships are coated with gold as gold will not corrode.

How different color gold is manufactured, Is it really gold?

Normally gold is yellow in color and soft when it is in its purest form. To make it strong and fancy jewelry alloy gold with other metals such as copper, silver etc.
This alloyed jewelry is not 24 karats jewelry as to obtain color jewelers need to alloy gold with other metal. By this alloying process, jewelers obtain different colors such as green, pink, white, blue and gray color jewelry.

The mixing process will be as follows for obtaining different colors

White gold - Trending white gold wedding rings are made up of white gold. Not only rings there are jewelry models these days which are manufactured using white gold. To obtain white gold pure gold is alloyed wit other metals such as palladium, Nickel, and zinc.

Rose Gold - Rose gold is also called pink gold. Pink gold is the most charming color. No need to explain how much women like pink and gold. So if they are finding something with two qualities. we can predict their love for it. In the making of pink gold or rose gold, Pure gold is alloyed with metals such as copper and silver.

Green Gold - Green gold which is also called electrum is also aa famous color in gold jewelry. In the market, there are a lot of designs manufactured using green gold. to obtain this color gold is alloyed with silver and copper.

A lot of individuals have a thought that colored gold will be costly when compared to yellow gold. Actually, Gold rates will be as per the Gold rates in the gulf. But the jeweler may charge for making charges. So to have a clear idea it is better to check gold price in the gulf on that specific day. As the rates will be changing day to day.


Where to Buy gold Jewellery in Bahrain?

There are many options to buy gold jewelry in Bahrain to find the best all you need to check is only one thing is they providing or selling gold as per the gold price in Bahrain on that day. As there are a number of reputed jewelers who sells gold jewelry for the rates as per the gold rates in Bahrain. We are providing few top jewelers.

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