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Silver Price in India

Silver Price in India is affected by a number of factors which includes international prices of silver and other precious metal. There is a tuning between gold and silver in India. If silver rates in India go higher as well as gold will go high and vice versa. There are a lot of reasons which affect silver rates in India.

Gold/ Silver prices in other cities

1KG Silver Rates in India(14 Nov 2018)

Gram Silver Rate Today Price Change compared to yesterday
1 gram ₹ 40.51 ₹ 0.59
10 gram ₹ 405.00 ₹ 6.00
100 gram ₹ 4,051.00 ₹ 59.00
1Kg gram ₹ 40,512.00 ₹ 588.00

Silver Rates in Top Cities in India(14 Nov 2018)

City Name Today Silver Price(1KG) Price Change compared to yesterday
Silver Rates in Kolkota ₹ 40,512.00 ₹ 590.00
Silver Rates in Mumbai ₹ 40,513.00 ₹ 590.00
Silver Rates in Delhi ₹ 40,513.00 ₹ 592.00
Silver Rate in Hyderabad ₹ 40,516.00 ₹ 592.00
Silver rate in Chennai ₹ 40,519.00 ₹ 587.00
Silver rate in Bangalore ₹ 40,518.00 ₹ 587.00
Silver rate in Ahmedabad ₹ 40,517.00 ₹ 586.00
Silver rate in Kerala ₹ 40,513.00 ₹ 594.00
Silver rate in Jaipur ₹ 40,518.00 ₹ 590.00
Silver rate in Vishakhapatnam ₹ 40,512.00 ₹ 590.00

Past one week Silver Rate price in India Graph

Is Silver a good investment in India?

Silver is always a good investment, For Small and medium investors because of few exceptional quality of this metal. Those qualities include demand, storage, and liquidity.

Demand - Demand for silver is never down in India. As the silver is used in both jewelry sector as well as in industrial sectors. As there is a demand for silver is both the sectors so the supply should be sufficient. If the supply is not enough then the demand will rise automatically. There was never a situation where demand is low in the history of silver, The demand is increasing day by day.

Storage - Silver has no storage problem when compared to gold. For gold, there is always a problem of being theft, But for Silver, there is no such problem. Even there is an option of storing it in electronic form by buying this commodity on the stock market.

Liquidity - Silver can be carried and also can be sold anywhere around the world. Even one can find a buyer anywhere around. If one one wants to sell their silver in emergency time there will be a number of buyers who are ready to buy such as jewelry merchants.

There are a number of traders who trade with silver. They buy in physical or electronic form when the silver rates in India are down and sell it whenever the silver rates are up.

Few interesting Facts about Silver?

1. Silver is a by-product of lead, copper, and zinc. More than 70 percent of the silver produced worldwide is during purification of these elements.

2. Many Countries produce in which major producers are United States, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Russia and Australia.

3. Electrical conductivity for silver is very high. Because of this reason silver is used in circuit boards.

4. When it comes to trendy jewelry most of the silver jewelry is pendants, bracelets, ear rings and silver stone rings.

4. Sterling silver is alloyed with copper and other metals it contains 92.5% silver and remaining is other metal. This silver is used for jewelry, silverware, etc.

5. Silver also used in the medical field as well. The compounds of silver were used during World War I to prevent infections as antibiotics.

6. The first silver currency was introduced by King Henry II in England in 1158. He introduced silver coins as currency.

7. Silver was more valuable than gold in Egypt and Europe during the ancient period.

8. Silver is also used in mirrors as well. Normally mirrors are backed with aluminum. But for For a superior quality finish, silver is used. The reason behind this is silver provides superior reflection quality.

Why invest in Silver in India?

Silver is a commodity which has demand in jewelry and industrial purpose as well. Normally demand and supply should be in sync. But when it comes to silver demand is increasing. But supply is increasing parallel to that. There are chances that the demand may take silver price in India to new heights. So if you thin from a long-term investor perspective. Silver will be great option to invest in.

For the investors who invest small amounts silver will be great option to invest in. For a common man or a small investor, silver is now silver. But it will be gold for them in long term.

When compared to gold silver have fewer security problems. Even the taxation problem can be solved by investing in silver. Even a great advantage with silver is. It is a little easy to predict silver rates in India. All you have to do is buy silver in normal times and sell it during festive or wedding times.

Like gold ETF's there are ETF's in silver as well. you can invest in silver ETF's on NSEL. Due to which you will not have a problem such as storing the commodity. As you buy 22 karats and 24 karats 10 grams gold in Gold ETF's. Similarly, you can buy silver but in kilograms. All you have to do is the silver price per kg today before investing in.